Ons verhaal

The enthusiasm

The idea for Happy Lamps was born in 2018. Full of enthusiasm and drive, we then started to develop prototypes. This proved a much greater effort and challenge than we thought. Since the LED lamps are very attractive not only for adults, but also for children, there were huge safety requirements that they had to meet. Unfortunately, this was not yet possible for us at that time and we had to postpone the project for about two years. During this period, friends, acquaintances and business partners continued to ask us about our prototypes. "Wow, that's a great idea. Where can you buy these lamps?" We were often asked. It was clear to us that it could not be yet. 🤔

The breakthrough

In 2020, two years after the birth of our idea, we met by chance a developer who had previously led projects at a renowned lamp manufacturer in Bavaria. And then, after about 10 months of loving detail work, Waldi was the first finished Happy Lamp, which was successfully certified in 2021 by the renowned Hanseccontrol testing institute. Nice fact: we received the certificate on December 24th. That was a great Christmas giftFor us. Finally we were able to really get started and develop our Happy Family further.

Safe and sustainable production

As a family business, we think sustainably, support the region and prefer local partnerships. Whether it's people, animals or nature: we care about the life and well-being of everyone. Happy Lamps products enchant both children and adults. We value high quality materials, a sustainable supply chain and high safety features. Therefore, our lamps are constructed in such a way that they are completely safe for children, and there is no danger whatsoever. ✅

Our mission

Our mission is to make you smile # forsmilingeyes, because what could be more beautiful than happy faces? The only thing more beautiful is to give a smile. For us, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to integrate the social aspect into our business. A fixed part of every lamp sold goes to the German Children's Fund. So we hope not only to make you happy, but also many other children.

Be part of the Happy Community

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